From December 2010 to March 2011 GroValue were engaged by Daisy to assist the Daisy Board in the acquisition of the 23m turnover Vodafone mobile service business of Outsourcery for 12m. Matthew Riley, Chief Executive Officer of Daisy Group plc, said: "Outsourcery represents a strong strategic fit for the Group, bolstering our mobile division through its enhanced skill set and experience. This acquisition makes Daisy Vodafone's largest mobile managed service provider in the UK." GroValue played a key role in the Vodafone and Outsourcery commercial negotiations, business plan, integration plan, and detailed contract negotiations.

Having been involved in over 14 acquisition and company sale processes GroValue can bring strong experience and a valuable toolset to clients who are either looking for an exit or aiming to acquire.

In order to maximise value at exit it is important to prepare the business and ensure the key areas that will come under scrutiny by potential acquirers are in the best shape. We have a comprehensive due diligence toolset and business review method that we can walk through in detail with a client to highlight areas that will lower value, and then work with the client to carry out actions to rectify these in advance of a sale.

For acquiring a business, particularly in telecoms, GroValue can greatly aid the process and reduce the costs required with auditors and corporate finance practices. With strong understanding of what makes a telecoms business tick we can carry out a rapid due dilligence and valuation at a fraction of the cost, including integration plans and how to leverage future value. This allows clients to make early decisions on whether to proceed with a target before incurring the expense of audit, legal and banking costs before completion.

Having decided to acquire a business GroValue can aid the legal process with key input to the commercial and risk elements including warranty protection, and we can project manage the integration of the target post completion to ensure that the business plan is realised.

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