We believe that service businesses gain real competitive advantage and ability to scale cost effectively through investment in strong back office systems fully integrated with the web for customer interaction and information.

With IT technology choices being very broad, complex and potentially costly total cost of ownership, it is vital that businesses have a firm vision for IT within their company and a good strategy for delivering that vision.

In addition having invested in IT systems it is essential that they are managed effectively to reduce risk, minimise downtime, keep pace with the business as it evolves, and to assist the business in keeping competitive advantage.

Finally if your business is thinking about an exit in the future having the right IT strategy and robust management processes can be a key plank to your value.

GroValue have excellent experience in reviewing the IT setup at a company, working with the business to devise an appropriate strategy, and building the IT roadmap and plan for delivering it. In addition we have good experience in preparing the IT department to excel in due dilligence and hence support value at exit.

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