In a busy SME investing time and energy in a well thought through HR strategy is sometimes overlooked, especially if the team is small enough for the Directors to have face to face time regularly with most of the staff.

Staff satisfaction and motivation can be taken for granted and assumed, when in reality there may be a few areas that could be simple to change and would make a real difference to the staff and aid lifting performance up a level.

GroValue have strong experience in building winning cultures, that are particularly key in service companies, such as resellers, to differentiate from the competition and retain clients. We have a toolset that can aid clients to quickly implement the main corner stones of a strong HR setup, that staff will buy in to and hence it will deliver long term value.

An example of this was Isis Telecommunications where the Board recognised that the key usp of the business was service excellence, and the main elements of this were motivated staff and strong systems. One key element to a strong staff culture in delivering service is to retain staff so that the team are expert and work well together, and in addition build strong client relationships over time. Isis found a great balance and toolset to support this culture, including regular anonymous staff surveys to ensure really open feedback, that lead to a staff churn rate of under 5% and coming 4th in the UK in the Sunday Times best places to work survey.

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