A commonly held opinion in business is "it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one". These mathematics won't be exact for each particular business but I do believe that investment in building market leading customer service will pay dividends, reducing churn, increasing product penetration per customer, differentiating to not have to sell on price, and reducing the level of sales investment required.

Strong personable customer service, with empowered staff supported by 'joined up' systems can really enable an SME to compete with and beat larger players in the market. At Isis Telecommunications Russell was Director of Operations which included customer service and the design of the IT systems supporting the service teams. The principles used and staff culture developed lead to several awards but more importantly industry leading churn figures of under 5%.

GroValue can work with your business to review the current call centre set up, devise a strategy for improvement and supporting your business goals, and an action plan to implement the agreed changes. We can also aid you by project managing the implementation.

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